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Buying Children’s Wardrobes in Hong Kong


Wardrobes are an essential piece of your children’s bedroom furniture. But when you come to design your kid’s bedroom, finding a wardrobe consistent with the colour palette or theme in Hong Kong is a difficult task. At Art Deco, we design and custom make a diverse range of different hand-painted kid’s wardrobes online, giving you the rare opportunity to find a piece of furniture your kid can get excited about.


Wardrobes also provide the perfect opportunity to marry functionality and design. They can store almost endless amounts of clothes, toys and other items, but when closed they provide a blank canvas. Art Deco has used this opportunity to design wardrobes with all your children’s favourite characters, themes and more.


If you decide to buy a kid’s wardrobe online with us, there is no need to worry about getting it delivered to your house. We can arrange all the steps, even getting it inside your room and positioned correctly. If you’re unsure about the designs or scale of the wardrobe, look in person at our new store at Horizon Plaza in Hong Kong. We can even help you get a custom piece of furniture, including our kid’s wardrobes, made in Hong Kong. Simply contact us here for more information.


Boy’s Wardrobes


For boys, we design and custom make an extensive range of kids wardrobes online with hand-painted designs. Whether they’re interested in the Transformers, Winnie the Pooh or even the solar system, we’ve got designs that will captivate your child and be a nice addition to their bedroom.  


Girl’s Wardrobes


If you’re looking for wardrobes for your children or other furniture, Art Deco has pieces to fit every bedroom. We hand-paint designs featuring Fairies,  Princesses  and more, perfect for your girl. We make our children’s wardrobes to nicely complement typical designs of children’s bedrooms, keeping in mind their favourite fictional stories and characters.

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